Courses in English

Courses in English

Campus at Dewajtis 5


Courses in Theology:

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pn. = Monday; wt. = Tuesday; śr. = Wednesday; czw. = Thursday; pt. = Friday


Courses in the field of Journalism and Social Communication may be offered in an English version in the individual tutorial system by the following teachers:

Rev. Dr Mariusz Boguszewski

Dr Marta Jarosz

Prof. UKSW Dr hab. Małgorzata Laskowska

Rev. Prof. UKSW Dr hab. Rafał Leśniczak

Prof. UKSW Dr hab. Grzegorz Łęcicki

Dr Piotr Łuczuk

Rev. Prof. UKSW Dr hab. Krzysztof Marcyński

Dr Marek Robak